Ford Fourqurean | Freelance Clarinetist and teacher, © 2018 Photo Credit: Front page, Kaitlyn Resler, all others, Michael Yu

"a promising young group"

"Unheard-of already has developed an enviable cache of new pieces."

"scintillating and evocative" – Steve Smith on Unheard-of, National Sawdust Log

Track Premiere of Erin Rogers's Family Picnic 2008 – I Care If You Listen

"Among all music events leading up to New Years, one stood out above the rest. The Classical Commoner, held December 28 at Little 5 Point’s Commoner Salon, filled the air with sonic sweetness (and hairspray) thanks to programs by Ford Fourqurean and Atlanta composer Stephen Wood with another grand performance by the Atlanta Contemporary Ensemble." – Lauren Leathers, ArtsATL

"Jacob Sello’s Catch_up (concert 26), “an experimental realtime composition for ensemble and dancer” explored a dancer’s apparent ability to create music: as Christine Witte, a superbly eloquent dancer of powerful stage presence, moved, the clarinetist, pianist and cellist of Unheard-of//Ensemble replicated her movements in musical sound. In reciprocity between dancer and musicians, music-of-the-future was literally embodied in the present moment" – Jean Ballard Terepka, Theater Scene

"remarkable technical control and versatility" – Jean Ballard Terepka, Theater Scene

"FIVE, with Mills on English horn, Carlos Cordeiro on bass clarinet, Ford Forqurean’s clarinet, Kallie Ciechomski’s viola, and Al Cerulo on melodica, was lovelier than anything that had come before it." – Steve Smith, National Sawdust Log

"Unheard-of//Ensemble is an exciting new group that should not be missed" – 21CM