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Released February 5, 2021

I worked on this collaborative EP with composer Erich Barganier. We each wrote a solo for each other and joined forces on the first and last tracks. My compositions are Aperture and Divergent Roads

Solo Works

new topographies|old embers
clarinet, electronics

quiver | static 


clarinet, electronics, and Mugic sensor

Sunken Windows


cello, electronics, and video art

line | erode 


clarinet and electronics

erode | submerge 


clarinet and electronics

Chamber Works

dream lake 


clarinet, marimba, and electronics

light | broken 


clarinet, violin, piano, and electronics

Collaborative Works



for Violin, Harp, Guitar, Clarinet, Voice, Piano, and Electronics

Video content was created by Erich Barganier, Raffi Dimoian, Thomas Echols, Joshua Fourney, Ford Fourqurean, Thomas Hamilton, Cristina Lord,Tim Poulin, Alex Tibbits, and Yiting Wang and was edited by Erich Barganier, Ford Fourqurean, and Alex Tibbits. The piece was mixed by Erich Barganier, Thomas Echols, Ford Fourqurean, Cristina Lord, and Alex Tibbits. The piece was mastered by Thomas Echols.

My video contributions and editing begin at 9:27 to the end of the work.

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