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Ford Fourqurean has worked in production, audio, and video recording with ensembles of all genres across New York City. Ford is on-site audio engineer and videographer for ensembles of all sizes from rock bands at The Bitter End to classical groups at DiMenna, Mise-en_Place, or outdoor venues across the city. He has recorded for Baroquelyn, Talujon Percussion, Quartet121, Blackbox Ensemble, eGALitarian Brass, and many solo artists. 


He is tech associate with ensemble mise-en working on electronics setup for various performances as well as technical assistance for renters of Mise-en_Place. He has worked as a freelance production assistant running live sound for groups like Mivos Quartet, triggering electronics for Talea Ensemble as part of their Vancouver New Music performance, and video cueing for Times Square Art’s production of Charles Gaines’s Manifestos 4. 


He has been producing concerts for Unheard-of//Ensemble since 2014 in New York and on tour. In 2020, he developed Unheard-of’s mobile live-streaming setup and recorded for digital residencies with the University of Florida, Florida State University, and Kaleidoscope MusArts. He has handled live sound and recording for Unheard-of from venues across the country to a 9 by 16 foot raft on the Gowanus canal powered by only a small battery generator. 

I have produced concerts both for my own ensembles and groups around New York for years. I know the value of having professional recordings of live performances and the expenses involved with hiring a videographer, audio engineer, production assistant, or all three. I am focusing on providing affordable, high-quality audio and video recordings as well as production assistance for projects and budgets of all sizes.


Audio Engineering



Live Sound

Production Assistance (Indoors and Outdoors)

Some Main Equipment (contact for full list):

Video– Sony A7iv, a6600, and a6400 cameras

Audio– Focusrite Clarett+1820, assorted small/large diaphragm condensers, DPA4099s, Senheisser ew100s, wireless IEMs, Bose S1 Pro Stereo PA (battery powered for outdoor use), Viewsonic P501w Short Throw Projector

Contact me at: for rates, availability, and info
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